ATTENTION THE HOTEL IS LOCATED in the pedestrian zone nr.5 under video surveillance.
You can access with the car only from Via "Bondi" (ZTL 5).
Arrived at the hotel please communicate the car's number plate to the reception.

Bio Hotel Villa Cecilia is located a stone's throw from the town center and the pedestrian shopping area.

On the west side the view is lost along the ski slopes and the numerous meadows rich in flowers and alpine flora.

The Bormolini Family will be happy to welcome you and give you valuable advices and services to offer you an holiday of tranquility and healthy eating.

We are in an area with limited traffic, 100 meters from the first ski facility and 200 meters from the Central Field School and the Lupigno Playground

How to reach us

By car

As in the map above, in summer Livigno can be reached by three different routes, while in winter you do not need to go through the route (2), that is from the Forcola pass. Other passes for cars that are erroneously reported by the navigators are the Gavia, the Stelvio and Abula pass, these in winter are closed.

- Opening and closing: www.comune.livigno.so.it/index.php/viabilita

- From Italy and throughout the year can be reached via Bormio and taking the Foscagno pass (1).
Hours and info:
Guardia di Finanza Passo del Foscagno, Tel: +390342979018

- From Italy, passing through Switzerland (Poschiavo), take the detour from Tirano, which does not pass from Bormio, saving 40 km (only passable during the summer).
This path skirts the Bernina pass and is very scenic.

For timetables and info:

- From Northern Europe (3), for those coming from East-Italy (Verona-Bolzano) and through Switzerland or Bolzano-Merano, passing through the tunnel "Munt la Schera", you reach the lake of Livigno and then the country .
The tunnel provides for a payment, also has special times and at certain times is closed for work.
You can find more info here: www.engadin-strom.ch
Engadiner Kraftwerke AG Postfach Zernez (CH)
Tel: 0041 (0) 81 851 4311 or Dogana La Drossa (CH) Tel: +41 (0) 818561888

- Finally, for those arriving from Northern Europe through Switzerland, another tunnel that reduces distances and allows you to cross the Fluela pass which is closed in winter is the Vereina tunnel, where the car is transported by the train. The journey time is 15 minutes, with an average wait of 20 minutes.
Hours and info:
VereinaHotline Tel: +41 (0) 81 288 37 37 www.rhb.ch


By bus

from Tirano to Livigno (change to Bormio)

For timetables and reservations: www.busperego.com


By train

from Milan to Tirano-Trenitalia:

For timetables and reservations: www.trenitalia.com


By bus + train

from Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria:

Transfer from Orio al Serio airport (BG) or from Malpensa (MI).

Reservations and info: http://www.silvestribus.it/it/


From Northern Europe

Direct connection to Zernez by train, then by bus to Livigno Autoservizi Silvestri: www.silvestribus.it

(+39) 0342 996487
Via Sant’Antoni, 86 - 23041 Livigno (SO)
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